Message from the President

” Message from the President “

The Traditional Vietnamese Martial Art

Since the early 70s, when I started practicing Viet Vo Dao, I was able to adhere to different federations, hoping to find an environment conducive to the practice of the Traditional Martial Art.

In the 2000s, along with other experts and recognized masters in our art, we even worked to create an independent Vietnamese federation. Despite a very important work and quality, recognized by the Ministry of Sports of the time, this project could not succeed.

Many experts have also tried to incorporate delegated federations, but very quickly the same admission of failure, until very recently!
Why so many difficulties for traditional Vietnamese martial arts to find their place?

The experience and long reflection allow to simply answer this question: Our discipline is an art, not a sport !!!

Delegated or registered federations offer services adapted to athletes, but we are not athletes! They offer cups, championships, but it concerns only a very small minority of practitioners! Practicing an art such as ours is also and above all a work on oneself, not against the other…

So the conclusion is obvious.

Furthermore, for almost 20 years, I have made a commitment to several Masters in France, recognized as references in our Art, to always work to find a solution fitted to our practice.

I respect this commitment today and it is invaluable to me, much more important than to receiving athletes grades I refuse! It is also much joy and emotion that I share with all those like me involved in the achievement of this great project, and including all those who will join us in this new common home.

For me, making a commitment is to fulfil it, which does not prevent us from adapting, if necessary. Thinking collectively and not only of his personal interest or that of his family is essential!

Another observation : schools which support this project are not only located in France but also in the main European countries. (UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium for the major countries).

In late 2014, with the unconditional support of many Masters and Experts, the conditions are met to finally create this structure fully adapted to our Art, which is complementary to what may be offered by sports federations:

The European Federation for Traditional Viet Vo Dao (FEVVDT)….

This new Federation is specifically characterized by its full autonomy, and also the willingness not to be related to associated disciplines.

The FEVVDT is not intended to get more and more licence holders. The principle of quality before quantity will always apply. However, the true “Challenge” is to pass on and perpetuate our traditions, without losing our soul and in full autonomy. And all this in a spirit of openness to all who will wish to join us, sharing our entire European project.

And finally a reminder about the purpose of our Federation, as specified in its statutes:

“ARTICLE 2 – Object :

The objective of FEVVDT is to gather all the associations groups that use the generic term Viet Vo Dao in order to refer to their practice and teaching and who wish to have services related to Traditional Vietnamese Martial Art (AMVT):
Culture, Tradition and its transmission, the study of arts such as painting and calligraphy, symbolism, the study of the Vietnamese language, internal and external technical courses, traditional gradings. The FEVVDT will also offer lectures on all of these themes. ”



FEVVDT President